Differences In Breaking A Folkway

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When people go shopping, they expect to do their shopping and not talk to anyone or give them something of theirs. I am going to approach strangers with items in their arms or shopping cart and ask if I can have a random object they have. I am going to the Lima Walmart on Thursday afternoon to see how people will react. I expect people to tell me no and offer to tell me where they found it. I think women will all say no, but about 70% of them asked will tell me where they got it at. Females might ignore me or look at me weird, were males might give it to me or tell me they can show me where they got it. Males will say no but, 20% will say yes. I think if I asked older people they would be very offended that I asked them. Younger people might find it funny or just ignore me. Someone who seems to be higher up in the socioeconomic status would probably look appalled and ignore me. Someone of lower socioeconomic status might offer to help me find it.…show more content…
I will be asking male and females the same question. I will break the folkway of asking for things that other people have. I will go up to both male and female and ask for something they have in their cart or hands. I will note reactions due to the gender of the person I am asking. I will note a negative reaction to me breaking a folkway if the person ignores me, tells me no, or tells me where to find it at. I will note a positive reaction if someone tells me yes. I am expecting to get dirty looks and maybe a few mean things said to me. Someone who does not mind this folkway being broken is someone who gives me what I ask for or tells me where they found

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