Reflection Paper On Los Faroles

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On friday February 16th, I decide to invite my parents to join me as I attempted to indulge in a true ethnic dining experience. I was now looking for a local place that served good food but was not widely popular. While hunting Yelp reviews I came across a restaurant called Los Faroles, or in spanish meaning the lanterns. Situated next to the downtown Springfield LTD bus station, Los Faroles seemed to be just the place I was looking for. Hungry and ready to eat I was excited to not only see my parents, but to hopefully experience something new. As we pulled up to Los Faroles it was a simple building but easy and convenient to park. Although the building was small the line from the register to the door let me know I made the right decision. I instantly noticed how much of a wide variety of customers there were. From business workers, school kids,and families like mine, it seemed like Los Faroles was the place to be at lunchtime. The decor in the restaurant was also simple, there were the classic plant decor although it seemed all customer attention was drawn to the large menu anyway. As we made our way to the register I was greeted by a small smiley woman named Maria. I’m guessing she could…show more content…
“Most of the staff members are all family members including me. It’s a small family run business which I think makes it so special”. I feel small family businesses for immigrant families are vital and it felt good to know that I was supporting someone that I could actually talk to rather than big corporations who is owners we may never know their name. Not only was I able to get good food but to know that my money was supporting Maria and the rest of her family made all the difference. As I watched Maria’s sister and brother-in-law preparing our food, I enjoyed to see that they were not dressed in uniform. For me it added more to the visual aspect of a family operated business and created a more comfortable

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