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Eastern Europe, traditionally known as the countries which were formally behind the iron curtain; has become one of the most popular places for people to visit on a budget. It is exceptionally popular with young people taking a year out to travel and see the world. It is surprisingly easy to get around, particularly if travelling from one city to another. To really experience the wonder of this part of the world it is essential to go off the beaten path, this will also help to keep the cost down. Flying There is an abundance of low cost flights joining the various Eastern European countries together. However, they may not be as easy to find as you are used to! Very few of the flights are listed on the travel websites; you will need to type in…show more content…
It is generally cheaper to go by train than by long haul bus, but, you should purchase your ticket at the station to ensure you get the best price. Passes booked in advance are not good value for money! The rails are not in great condition and this means that many train journeys are slow, it doesn’t matter how good the train is, the line will not support fast trains, although there are signs of improvement in recent years. Rent a Car It is possible to rent a car in most European countries; the car is likely to be basic and will almost certainly not have a GPS system. There are very few road signs and other drivers often appear to make up the rules as they go. It is also very unusual to be allowed to cross a border in a hire car. This aside, they can be an excellent way to explore the country you are currently visiting! Hitchhiking This is not always considered to be a safe method of transport and it is certainly something that is difficult to do over long distances and not something you should do by yourself. It is legal to hitchhike but you should always keep your bags with you and make a note of the car, in case there are any

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