Tourette Syndrome In The Film Front Of The Class

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The film ‘Front of the Class” is based on the true life story of a man named Brad Cohen, living with Tourette Syndrome. Storch et al. (2012) defined Tourette Syndrome as a “neuropsychiatric disorder with an early childhood onset, characterized by the presence of multiple motor or phonic tics, persisting for at least 1 year”. As a young boy, Brad began to experience tics, which are sudden, repetitive noises and head movements that are unable to be controlled (Storch et al. 2012). Due to a lack of understanding of his disability, Brad was an outcast amongst his peers as they depicted him as a “freak”, the teachers observed him to be a trouble maker as they felt he purposely tried to disrupt the classroom, and his parents along with his doctor…show more content…
Throughout his life, Brad faced many hardships due to having Tourette Syndrome and was put in many situations where most children would act out and behave negatively, however Brad had the ego functions of good judgment and impulse control, which allowed him to think rationally before reacting to the situation. Brad also had the ego function of self-esteem regulation. For example, Brad was called names as a child, was misunderstood by his father, was rejected by peers and females he dated, and was oppressed by society in many aspects, yet he was able to maintain a healthy level of self-worth. In regard to ego defense, Brad utilized a healthy balance of defenses to deal with some of the unpleasant feelings and experiences he endured. For example, Brad used humor as his main ego defense throughout his life instead of any neurotic or immature defenses. As a child, he gave his disability a name and throughout his life made fun of it and tastefully used his humor to educate others about his disability instead of letting it defeat him or bring him down. He also utilized this in his personal relationships and while teaching to help alleviate any discomfort on his part or

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