Raisin In The Sun Literary Analysis

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“Raisin in the sun” is about a family that has different dreams that they want to fulfill but they all need money to fulfill their dreams. They struggle financially and it seems like the insurance money that will becoming is the key to all their dreams. There are many obstacles and many options when having to make the decision one what the money should be spent on. The choice is really up to mama but her son Walter lee Younger would do anything to get some of it. The final choice when it comes to spending the money was given by mama. She is the owner of the money and has her own dreams and still let her son influence her in her decision about the money. She at first was against him but at the end she feels bad and gives in. The younger family chooses the right way to come up and…show more content…
He doesn’t go to work for a couple of days and spends his time at the bar. He is depressed about his job, and the way he is living in poverty. Money has become such an issue to the point where Ruth has decided to get an abortion and Walter finds that hard to believe that she would do such a thing. He continues to talk about his plans and investments and how he really believes in making the investment. Mama puts a down payment on the house. The house is in an all-white neighborhood and mama says it was the most affordable. Walter gets upset that she is buying a house but Ruth is happy to know that they would be moving. She decided to trust Walter to do the right thing and put a deposit in for his sisters schooling. She split the rest of the money between her son and daughter and trusts that Walter would do the right thing. Mama wanted Walter to feel like he was the head of the family and that he had some control. Unfortunately Walter invest all of the money to his liquor store deal because he was thinking more about his sons education and his own selfish things other than thinking about his

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