A Raisin In The Sun Literary Analysis

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A Raisin in the Sun is a play about a family struggling to make do in the south side of Chicago. Each member of the Younger family has an idea of what the American dream is, but they also have conflict in fulfilling their dreams without running into problems with another family member’s dream. The Youngers live in a time where the world seems to be destroying all hope but the family members try to hold fast to their dreams. The American dream to Mama (Lena) Younger is to have a stable and secure place for her family to live. She wants a big house with a garden of her very own. She wants her family to have what she never had. Lena wants to get out of Chicago’s south side to her family a better life. Lena wants security for her family. She wants to buy a house and pay some of Beneatha’s college tuition with the life insurance check that will be coming in, but Walter wants Mama to give him the check so he can but his liquor store instead of…show more content…
She wants to be a doctor. When Beneatha was younger she witnessed a boy from her neighborhood slide down snow covered steps and injure himself. She saw how much better the boy felt after he came back from visiting a doctor and decided that was what she wanted to do. Beneatha only wants the money to pay for her college tuition. She gets into arguments with Walter because she doesn’t feel like his dream is realistic. Walter feels that Beneatha has no regard for others because she only worries about get her tuition paid for and does not consider the sacrifices the rest of the family has to make to put her through school and keep clothes on her back. Beneatha wants to prove her worth to the world and find a way of achieving and maintaining dignity. Beneatha conflicts with Lena because Beneatha does not believe in God and says that God takes the credit for all the things man does. Mama believes that God is the reason for everything that happens in the

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