Personal Narrative-Racism

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“In a high speed chase, suspect on a black motorcycle, we are going 110 miles per hour.” Silence… Crash! Bang! Clash! In the middle of the intersection laid my dad, a police officer, and a criminal. As both men hit the scorching hot concrete, the criminal tried to flee the scene of the accident, but my dad used all of the strength he had left to pull out his Taser and took him down. By the time, the first responding officers arrived on the scene my dad laid unresponsive; the officers called “officer down” not knowing the extent of his injuries. Once the paramedics assessed him, they determined that he might have life threatening injuries; they rushed him to Parkland hospital because of their outstanding trauma unit. When my dad became…show more content…
I looked forward to this day all school year and could not wait to spend the entire day and night with all of my friends. We were having a blast eating hot dogs, playing games in the pool and enjoying the beating hot sun. The night began to fall when Emily’s mom walked over to the pool; she had a sorrowful look on her face. The laughter and playing came to a stop; silence filled the air as everyone tried to figure out why she was sad. The second she called my name, my heart felt like it dropped into the pit of my stomach. She handed me the phone and told me that I needed to call my mom. “Mom is everything okay, what’s wrong?” I said “Your dad has been in an accident, he is okay, he has to stay overnight at the hospital for observation, I want you to stay at Emily’s house and have fun.” I began to cry hysterically, I could not believe that my dad had been in an accident and they waited all day to tell me. “Can Kalynn pick me up please, I want to leave.” I said as I was crying. “Kalynn is on her way, I don’t want you to worry about your dad, he is okay and he said he loves…show more content…
Instead of going home to an empty house, we went to the store to get my dad cards and balloons. We wanted to keep our minds off the worry and fear of how our dad was doing because we knew there was nothing we could do to help. After we left the store, we went home and waited until we heard from my mom. This was the longest night of my life, I had no sleep and all night I kept envisioning what would have happened if he had not survived the accident. The next day my dad came home in the late afternoon and I was beyond excited to see him. Officers, friends and family were in and out of our house to check on my dad and bring food therefore my mom would not have to cook. Even though my dad was home, I knew the hardest part was not

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