A Raisin In The Sun Literary Analysis

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In each Literature story there is a lesson learned. A reader can become captivated by a story as they read it giving them hope, or reason and maybe even a sense of security. These days literature stories are so relatable and can influence someone without even noticing it. Through literature someone can tell a story that may be hard to explain through speaking, but on paper, in a book, those “words” all start to make sense and people start to understand and get connected to it in more ways than one. A Raisin in The Sun is a play about a black family who is struggling through life. There are dreams being dreamt and goals trying to be made. Each day they wake up to start a day that can either be good or bad. Living in the time period of when this story took place, can be heart breaking. For the black folks it was much more of a struggle than any of the white people. Black men and women had to work ten times harder to get to where they wanted to go than the white men and women. They didn’t get as much or get to do much because of money. Some may say money isn’t everything, but doesn’t almost everything cost? People can have fun for free, but a roof over their head, food in their mouths, and clothes on their backs all…show more content…
Everyone has a dream or a goal they want to pursue, whether that be a new job, to go to college, or make it to work on time. This play shows a reader that not everyone is going to have it easy, because most don’t. That some days are going to be really hard and others are going to be great. That sometimes all they need is the love of their family to get them through the day and onto the next. This play is unquestionably relatable to anyone and everyone. Someone reading this story can receive hope that things will get better, or to actually want to go out and try to conquer those fears, and achieve that dream that they’ve been dreaming for so

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