Raisin In The Sun Literary Analysis

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Raisin in the Sun is a play written by Lorraine Hansberry. The play is about the lives of a black family called the Youngers who live on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s. The story shows the family’s struggle as they try to live. The whole story occurs in one place, which is the Youngers’ two bedroom apartment. They story talk’s about the lives of these black people and the oppression that they faced in society. The play start’s with the family waking up in the morning. While their son, Travis is in the bathroom, Ruth and Walter talk about how the life insurance money will be used. Walter wants to use the money to invest in a liquor store, but Ruth doesn’t agree. Beneatha, Walter’s sister, wants to use the money to go to medical school. Lena, the mother of Walter and Beneatha, wants to by a larger house for the family to live in. Ruth agrees with Mama’s plan, but also wants money to provide for their son. As the story progresses, the characters clash for their dreams to become reality. We see Beneatha struggle with her family, thinking that…show more content…
Her family wants her to continue to like George Murchison, who is rich and shallow in her mind. However, she begins to like Joseph Asagai, who encourages her to finish medical school and the move to Africa with him. While this unfolds, the Youngers’ future neighbors here about a black family moving into their neighborhood and send Mr. Linder to buy them out. Mama doesn’t like this, but Walter begins to like the idea, especially after the investment he made in the liquor store is stolen. While the family is struggling with that decision. Joseph asks Beneatha to marry him. We never learn if they do marry in the book. Walter calls Mr. Linder and tells him to come back to the house. Even though Mr. Linder offers the money to them once more, Walter tells him that they will move into Clybourne Park and they won’t cause any trouble. The family packs and leaves the next

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