Racism In Society

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The American culture seems to be automatically correlated to The American Dream, the home of “unlimited” freedom and opportunities to successfully achieve your ultimate goal in life. Non-American residents often lack knowledge on what it is truly like to live in the United States, there is some sort of idealization that wealth is almost never a problem and absolutely anyone can make something out of themselves without interferences or complications. It comes to be a huge disappointment to find out that the American government was built on a severely segregated and racist country negatively affecting those of colored skin. Some argue that this societal ideology that is racism ended over 50 years ago when The Civil Rights Act was introduced,…show more content…
Without a doubt racism is a concept that is taught, usually by those that influence the growth and morality of one; as well as the ultimate choice of the individual. Sixty years after such a racial segregation period in America, it is not rare to find an individual with the same ignorant beliefs as a white southern man in the 50s, therefore those are the initial racial examples naive children are exposed to, that it becomes all they know that is “ethically” right. In the article, “The Perennial Debate: Nature, Nurture, or Choice? Black and White Americans’ Explanations for Individual Differences”, the characteristics of individuals are psychologically explained. Racism can be an “uncontrolled gene” as Whites would like to explain it and genetically they are more likely to be opposed to acceptance of anyone or anything “outside their comfort zone”, while Blacks were consistent to have a more casual attitude toward the three, but favoring choice (NCBI). A simplified answer to the issue that is racism would be genetics, yet vaguely justifies the altercations and chaos racism has come to cause in this country. Sure enough, the surface of this issue is explained by experimenting with DNA but the ability to choose against ignorant behavior is always there. Knowledge on the subject only determines the final approach one makes in a situation, therefore it is
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