Racism In Society Today

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A new world began to change throughout American history from the early 1600 to the present day. There are many changes in American society just as abolish slavery, ratifying tariff, modern and economic growth, change in values, and many more that American early history is trying to create a perfect world in the future. However there are some attributes in the early history still happening today: racism still continues judging by foreigner’s primitive and the color of their skin, and American nationalistic is superior against other nations. Racism is still present in society today. It was first created in the pre-colonial era beginning with the cultural baggage in Great Britain. The British created racism because they saw themselves superior…show more content…
After hearing the news that Wilson will not face charge for shooting Michael Brown, the protesters gathered at Ferguson Market, Missouri, protesting that Wilson should be charge of shooting Brown with no evidence to prove he is guilty since Johnson was there at the scene. Brown’s mom made a speech, crying in pain about her son’s death, and protesters smash the police car to support their rights against Wilson. The black people show that they are being racist by the white officer, judging by their primitive and the color of their skin. This report claims that racism still continue in today society; CNN News reported that protests are fighting against Wilson, a white officer, is being racist to black people and he have no right to shoot Brown till his death. Black people claims that Wilson does not see Brown as equality as him; therefore they complaint that white officers are being unfair judging by their…show more content…
Nationalism is define as a feeling that people are proud of or being loyal to their own country, yet they believe that their country is far more greater than other nations. The Battle of New Orleans can be an example of nationalism. The British took over Louisiana because the Mississippi River is connected from Canada all the way to the end of the southern Louisiana. The British purpose is to transport supplies back and forth on the Mississippi River from Canada to Louisiana. However, as the war of 1812 was over and the Treaty of Ghent was signed, General Andrew Jackson went to New Orleans with the militias. With a small help of the citizen, Jackson was victorious against the British and had been known as a hero in New Orleans. Jackson is the example of nationalism when he fought against Great Britain. Jackson is loyal to America, and he is determined that America is far more superior against Britain by winning the battle in New Orleans,

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