Summary Of Racism On African American Society

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Racism is a profound rooted issue in American society. It is one of the countless issues that have affected African American culture in regard to the work force, education, and politics. This unending action has unquestionably influenced the overall way of life, as well as how Americans interact with one another. However, racism cannot be used as a scapegoat pertaining to the reason why blacks today, knowingly or mistakenly fail in this society. It is undeniable that racism exists, but it is absurd to use the past to hold black Americans back from their future endeavors. Consequently, racism is not a permanent feature of American Society. In the article, “Is Racism a Permanent Feature of American Society?” Derrick Bell and Dinesh D’Souza…show more content…
D’Souza stated that “Even if racism were to disappear overnight, the worst problems facing black America would persist” (D’Souza, 183). Furthermore, single parenthood, welfare dependency among the black underclass would not cease. Drugs and AIDS would still ravage the African American community, as well as black on black crime. Racism could be abolished and the struggles, as they call it, will still be in existence and will continue on to be there. Bell voiced that racism is embedded into blacks brains to make them believe that once one has failed it can be almost impossible to start over and try again. Nonetheless, D’Souza presented examples like “Colin Powell, who three decades ago could not be served a hamburger in many Southern restaurants, became chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.” (D’Souza, 182) Exemplifying that, regardless of situations, blacks can overcome racism and be successful if they show effort. D’Souza closes with a captivating question, “If white racism controls the destiny of blacks today, how has one segment of the black community prospered so much the past…show more content…
No. Racism need to be set aside to broadcast the real problems in America that is making blacks and whites feel like there is different standards on how to become successful (D’Souza, 188). Americans should recognize that racism does exist, but it is not the same racism that lived a generation ago. Despite our hindrances, we can overcome racism and be extremely successful. As Dinesh D’Souza stated, “The black problem can be solved only through a program of cultural reconstruction in which society plays a supporting role, but which is carried out primarily by African Americans themselves” (D’Souza, 188-89). It is going to take us as individuals to make something out of ourselves and veer away from this mindset that racism will predict our income, living conditions and occupational status. Although America has a long way to go, there are still high optimisms that the nation can move toward a society in which race ceases to matter, a destination that we can term “the end of

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