Killing Rage: Ending Racism Summary

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In Bell Hooks’s book: Killing rage: Ending Racism, Hooks describes her experience with her friend traveling together and being mistreated based on gender and race. The action of the white female stewardesses not willing to listen to her explanation of mistaken boarding pass, the cab driver who refuses the service and painful process for upgrading air ticket have shown racism is deeply planted in the society. In addition, she remembers a black woman passenger who willing to give up her seat because she wants to avoid the painful feeling of being calls out because of her race. The entire racism factors she has experienced added up to a “killing rage” in her minds, and she is willing to kill people over it to prove how racism can be to others. She goes…show more content…
In her opinion, she thinks black rage is a healing response to oppression and exploitation and African American should embrace it instead of thinking it like a disease. She also tells the idea of African American avoiding black rage to gain the attention of the white, but instead it just prove the existence of the “Black” community. Because of white supremacy, African American suffer from denial of the community, their rage are suppressed even more when they are internally oppressing to themselves. The black rage in African American’s head can be a double edge sword and that using it properly can be a catalyst that help people to do good things, but it can also internalized oppress people and avoid their self-worthiness. I love reading the book by Bell Hooks because it really shows

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