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When queen Victoria was young she was told she’d be queen. To which she responded “I’ll be good.” (Nelson). Even as a child Queen Victoria knew what type of Queen she wanted to be. She would learn, grow and eventually be ready to become Queen. Queen Victoria knew stepping into a high position of power would be difficult and that she would deal with wars, death, conflicts in society, and trouble growing the empire. She decided that she would be strong, helpful, and stand for compromise. Queen Victoria utilized iron compassion to encourage political compromise, ending violent and political conflict throughout the world. When Victoria was young she was very lonely as she grew up without a father, which created a lot of emotional conflict as…show more content…
Queen Victoria faced many personal conflicts as she learned her role as Queen. Conroy, one of her advisors, did everything to force Victoria to appoint him to position of influence when she became queen (History.com). If she did put him into a high position of power would that cause conflict so how should she create a compromise. She decided on her own that she would get rid of conroy. When she became Queen she took steps to minimize his influence (History.com). She knew what needed to be done. The only way to dismiss Conroy was to get married (History.com). This a sign that she was willing to compromise for her Empire. She would marry and get rid of Conroy for good and would have a partner to help her rule. She married Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 1840 (Queen). Shortly after she dismissed Conroy. Albert her first cousin (“10”)would helped her run her duties as queen (History.com). As they grew they were able to dismiss more of her advisors that did not want to help, but only wanted power. Victoria and her husband Albert were a…show more content…
The war took place on by the Northern Black Sea (Hays). The water ports were warm and good for trading and very valuable. Peter the first of Tsar wanted the warm water ports that the Ottoman Empire had. It consisted of France Britain and Ottoman Empire against Russia. During the war the Ottoaman Empire was trying to form an alliance with a strong force, they needed Russia to finish the war. Napoleon the third from Russia went to visit the palace of her Majesty Queen Victoria. (Holmes 165). He stayed with his wife and was able to meet the queen and get to know her and also to attend many parties. (Holmes 165). He was amazed with the Queen and how welcoming she was to him and his wife. (Holmes 165). An alliance came to be and as many said they saw it as impossible and that no one had forseen it. The alliance came about in 1854 (Pegard). The alliance was not supposed to happen but the Queen Victoria and her personality made Napoleon want to help them. He wrote after his visit “ I feel it to be my first duty to again assure you how deep is the impression left upon my mind by the reception, so full of grace and affectionate kindness, vouchsafe to me by your Majesty. Your majesty has also touched me to the heart by the delicacy of the consideration shown to the Empress; for nothing pleases more than to see the person one loves become the object of such

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