Communism: The Manifesto Of The Communist Party

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Aminat Raji 1. The point of The Manifesto of the Communist Party was to let the public know about Communism and its movement. The argument focuses on class struggles caused by one class exploiting the other class. And the use of the class struggles was the force and reason behind industrialization for the modern society. The impact of industrialization on modern society was mostly beneficial to the upper class, the bourgeoisie and not the lower working class, the proletariat. In the modern society, the bourgeoisie was the oppressor, and the proletariat was the oppressed. Both of these classes had major roles in the modern society. The bourgeoisie played the most “revolutionary” role in the history of the modern society. As the bourgeoisie continued to develop, they continued to gain more political advancement in their class. They made…show more content…
On the other hand, the British do need the materials they are getting from the Chinese. Since the Chinese are trying to avoid any conflict with the British, they offer ways in which this problem could easily be solved. In the letter, Lin Zexu states that Queen Victoria check the outgoing British ships and vessels headed to China and other nations. And to also make it a law, that is known and followed, that anyone smuggling any opium into other nations shall face extreme consequences. Also that the amount of land being used to grow and manufacture this horrible drug used be used to growing plants needed in Europe. Which will cause Britain’s profits to sky rocket to heights never imagined. In the means of European colonial aspirations, he states that why should one do unto others what they do not want to be done upon them and he urges Queen Victoria to make this an important issue as they have in

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