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Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who was born in the late 1400s. He had many accomplishments throughout his lifetime, including finding the Strait of Magellan, discovering and naming the Pacific Ocean, becoming the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean, and leading the first expedition in circumnavigating the world. Magellan set out to locate a Western sea route to the Spice Islands in Indonesia. But he proved that the world was rounder and bigger than anyone had ever thought of. Ferdinand Magellan was born in Sabrosa, Portugal in the year 1480. He was born into a noble Portuguese family. At a young age, Ferdinand was involved in the service of royalty. When Magellan was just ten years old his parents died. Him and his brother,…show more content…
But the king kept denying him repeatedly. After falsely being accused of trading illegally with the Moors, Magellan decided to move to Spain. By moving to Spain, he would be able to discover all the new territories west of the Line of Demarcation. The Line of Demarcation is the, "line set by the Treaty of Tordesillas dividing the non-European world into two zones, one controlled by Spain and the other by Portugal." (Ellis and Esler). Spain had all trading and exploring rights to the west of the line and Portugal had all the same rights to the east of the line. And the Treaty of Tordesillas was the treaty that was signed by both Spain and Portugal in 1494 that established the Line of Demarcation. When he arrived in Spain in 1517, he met another transplanted Portuguese named Diogo Barbosa. A year after that Ferdinand married Diogo's sister, Beatriz. And a year after that, they had a baby boy named Rodrigo. The Barbosa family had many connections in Spain, and they got Ferdinand an appointment with the king of Spain. The king of Spain at the time was, Charles 1, the grandson of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, who funded Columbus' voyage to the New World in 1492. Just like his grandparents, King Charles gave support to Magellan for his westward voyage. Magellan had promised the King that his expedition would bring an abundance of riches for Spain. On August 10, 1519, Magellan said goodbye to…show more content…
There has been much controversy of who the first person to circumnavigate the whole world. The easy answer is Sebastian del Cano and the remainder of Magellan's crew, who started with Magellan from Spain in September of 1519 and returned in September of 1522. But there is also one more person, who could have possibly been the first person to circumnavigate the world. This is Ferdinand Magellan's servant, Enrique. Magellan acquired his servant Enrique in a conquest of Malacca in 1511. Enrique was with Magellan in the Philippines, but when he heard about Magellan's death he was sad, because he wasn't going to be freed, so he ran away. Some believe that Enrique fled into the forest. And others believe that he was killed in attacked in Spain. But other historians question the accuracy of these records. If Enrique had survived his escape, and made it back to Malacca where Magellan had first enslaved him, that would mean Enrique was the first person to circumnavigate the world, just not in one single

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