Ice Skating Short Story

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One day there were was a group of friends that always got along with each other there was no fight, no hate between each other. They were in high school also the princess Victoria went to school she didn't like being treated different from others she wanted to be the same as the other people. Everything was going fine and then Victoria met a trustworthy girl named Maria and they were so close friends. But Maria was just using Victoria to know all her problems and make fun of her later on behind her back without knowing. They all wanted to have fun so they went down to the ice skating rink but, Noe didn't know how to skate, so Victoria tough him and Maria wanted to say something which she did she said “He knows how to skate, but he just want your help Victoria” and she laugh to herself. She knew Victoria’s powers and she didn’t tell anyone about it so she wanted her weakness and to hurt her, so all her people can see what her family been hiding. Everyone loved Victoria she was the friendly person you ever know and helps you with your problem and Maria takes her and just…show more content…
Victoria had to leave for some royal ball she had taken Noe because he was like her brother and they left they started to get ready for it and, everyone was invited and Maria had showed up she wanted to destroy the party that they had done for Victoria. Then the next day it was Victoria's birthday she was just turning fifteen so she did know how to dance and Noe, and also Rene but Maria didn't know so Victoria used her magic for Maia to just dance for that night and Maria wanted to know how to dance for her rest of her life but Victoria said no and they started to argue about it and Victoria didn’t help her with her magic for Maria to dance they had a

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