Fly In And Fly Out Play

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Fly in and Fly out ‘Fly in and fly out’ out is about a family of three who are struggling to make ends meat and they live in a small town called MacIlraith. Through the use of tension of surprise, tension of relationships and the tension of task the main character, Jenny who is a typical teenager tells the story for her busy life. Role and relationships also assist in the progress of displaying to the viewer that Jenny has many responsibilities at the age of 16. Roles and relationships is one of the main parts of this play that assists to explain the relationship between the characters during the play. The main tension of relationship in the play is between Jenny and her father. Jenny has many responsibilities such as juggling multiple jobs, high school, boyfriends, chores around the house and taking care of her younger sister. Jenny’s father puts pressure on Jenny to have these responsibilities done and up to a certain expectation. These responsibilities leave Jenny under pressure to not fail at her responsibilities and to live up to her father’s expectations. Roles of relationships were introduced all throughout this play between most characters.…show more content…
At the end of the performance the audience was surprised when only 5 characters came out to take a bow, as more than 8 characters were stared in the play. Another example of tension of surprise that occurred during this play is when Sebastian shows up to both of Jenny’s work venues. This made the audience think that Sebastian was following Jenny, as he wants a relationship from her. Tension of surprise comes up unexpectedly during the play, which caused the play to have twists and made this play unusual and different to other
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