Same Sex Self Reflection

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When our class 1st was told that we had to discuss our sexual secrets I couldn’t help but laugh and reminisce all of the mistakes I’ve made growing up, trying to find myself and grow as an individual. I personally believe that sexually actively is a part of time and no individual experiences the same thing as the next person. I personally believe trial and error and learning to be comfortable with yourself as an individual was the best way to help identify what I like and disliked. I personally believe that keeping a secret isn’t always a bad thing and it’s just something we hide out of a fear of judgment or even keep secrets to be different because individuals aren’t necessarily ready to share that side of themselves to the world and would…show more content…
I feel like some of the students in our class could of possible made some of them up because of the fear of being judged or simply not having any sexually secrets to tell. I noticed some students chose to discuss some of their past experiences while other cards discussed different fantasies and fetishes that each student have. I also noticed that both of the sexually secret was about men and women and none of them discussed same sex partners or sexually encounters with the same gender as them. I also liked how student used memes to help us better understand even though I personally didn’t understand some of…show more content…
I think something that we can learn is that when it comes to sex there’s really no right or wrong way as long as your protecting yourself. I also believe regardless how old that you are that it still will be difficult talking about sex with some others. I’ve learned talk about the positive and be honest with yourself and knowing exactly what to do will help in the future. Overall I felt this was a great project and I really enjoyed it. I’m very thankful I got the opportunity to look at other students and realize we all go through different and similar situations in our time and regardless of how old all of us might be its always room to learn and

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