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Experience of Disasters or Calamities. Elderlies already have experienced disasters or calamities like typhoons, floods and earthquakes which make them vulnerable due to their limitations. Elderlies can be assisted in dealing with this experience using the following strategies: Ensure elderlies’ safety before the occurrence of disaster or calamity. Upon the announcement of government agencies regarding the occurrence of calamity, information should be disseminated among the family and elderly residents of the barangay through the help of the barangay officials. Elderlies at risk can be evacuated to ensure their safety as this is regarded as an important step in crisis intervention (James, 2008). In addition, protection from the dangers of the environment needs to be satisfied as this is regarded as a deficiency need in the hierarchy of needs of…show more content…
Elderlies who are affected by disaster or calamities have an immediate need for food, water, clothing, toiletries and shelter. Provision of these physiological needs with the assistance of barangay officials, local government, City Social Welfare and Development and other relevant private organizations can lead to feeling of security and concern from others. According to Abraham Maslow, basic physical necessities such as the need for food, water, warmth, clothing and shelter which are vital for survival must be satisfied to avoid unpleasant emotions and consequences (Cherry, 2017). Determine the need for counseling among affected elderlies who show signs of trauma and grief. Elderlies are considered vulnerable in the experience of disaster and calamities. With this, counseling can be beneficial in giving hope, support and encouragement among elderlies who show signs of trauma and grief. Referral can be done by the officials or volunteers of Senior Citizens Associations to mental health professionals to provide psychological

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