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Before addressing any of Richy’s queries and concerns, it is important to look into the requirements and formalities of making a will. To make a will, you have to be of age 21 years or above and of sound mind. One may make a will or even change it without consulting a solicitor but doing so will create a chance of the will being invalid. This will incur extra costs for the beneficiaries. Although the age requirement to make a will is 21 years, however according to Wills Act, Cap.352 S12, it is stated that ‘Notwithstanding anything in this Act, any soldier being in actual military service, or any mariner or seaman being at sea, may dispose of his personal estate as he might have done before the making of this Act and may do so even though under the age of 21 years.’ This is called a privileged will. This answers Richy’s first question.…show more content…
There must be a few of things that have to be included in the will. Assets, liabilities,beneficiaries, guardians (for beneficiaries who are minor or too young to make their own decisions), the executors, the advisors, a revocation clause if there are previous wills and a residuary clause to distribute any remainder of estates. Central Provident Fund or CPF need not be included in the will as a nomination has to be made so that the beneficiary will receive the funds from the CPF. If a nomination has not been made by the CPF act, the funds will be given out by the Intestate Act. Also something to take note would be that marriage automatically cancels the privies nomination before marriage thus requiring the individual to make a new nomination after

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