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“Girl” runs as a stream of conscience in which a mother tells her daughter of her beliefs about life. “The unique form of the story suggests how the power of the mother's voice shapes the girl's sense of herself.” (1) Jamaica Kincaid breaks down the barriers of gender, area and wealth and status by creating a story where the only things we know are that the mother wants her daughter to be respected by all while the daughter is silent. The story is linear in plot progression and has an interesting structure. Kincaid also draws parallels between gender and performance in life. “Girl” is one of many stories which can be discussed in depth on the levels of literal speech and over exaggeration, whether the ideas are still true or out of date and whether the mother represents the society or is just trying to…show more content…
Elaine Potter Richardson was born in 1949 in the British West Indies – now the Caribbean and parts of northern South America. Because of disapproval from her family, she changed her name to Jamaica Kincaid when she moved to New York and started writing for the New Yorker at age 17. When she was just starting as a magazine writer, Kincaid worked as a nanny for a rich family. “Girl” was her first published short story, and was immensely popular because it speaks to so many audiences, including youth, African Americans and women. Finally after many years of writing for the New Yorker, she moved to Vermont in 1985. Since then she has published ten full length books, talking about different parts of her life and the consequences of societal pressures and British colonization, specifically in the West Indies. Kincaid was affected by British occupation, appalled by the poverty of

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