Student Athlete Argumentative Essay

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Sports in general give individuals so many opportunities. There is many levels of sports that can be played. YMCA can be played at the elementary school level. Then, when a person is old enough, junior high sports are available to elaborate on the skills the individual learned during previous years. JV/Varsity sports are offered to athletes grade 9-12. High school sports give a higher level of playing to the student athlete who have excelled in his/her sport. After the individual has graduated, one may have the ability to go on to a higher level of play. College is then an option for an athlete looking to go farther with sports. Many life skills are taught by being an athlete in college. For example, accomplishing new things, learning to work as a team, and be a part of school and its activities. College offers more opportunities than the average high school offers. The academics of a student athlete are very important for college students, having an incentive to do well academically will raise one's GPA. College sports are very strict on the student athletes and how well they are doing in school. If some teammates were to fall behind, the team usually holds study sessions to work as a team…show more content…
Being a student athlete means one gets to travel a lot and see new places during the season. If a competitor wanted to go farther in sports, going to college would get ones name out to the scouts. As a student athlete, the individual will be taught a good work ethic in order to get through college. Getting along with others is a trait that college sports can teach in order to get a job later in life. An important part of growing up and moving on with life is getting along with people. Being in a sport through college will teach that success does not come easy and hard work can pay off. Life opportunities are a lot taught by being a student

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