Lord Of The Flies Sowing

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, William Golding shares a story about how a group of civilized English boys become increasingly uncivilized or savagery as they are stranded on an island. In Chapter Five, Golding places a very graphic scene of Jack’s tribe torturing and killing a sow. I think one of the reasons why Golding has them killing sow, and not a boar, is because it really emphasizes how savage the boys have become. Before the boys murder the sow, she is enjoying one of the happiest times in any woman’s life. The sow is “sunk in deep maternal bliss” as she nurses her newborns (Golding 134). The boys savagely torture the sow until she dies. I think Golding wants that moment to show that the boys have become savages. Golding does not

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