Importance Of Psychology In Criminal Justice

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Through my studies of criminal justice, psychology has played a role in just about all of it. From criminal’s behavior and why they commit crimes, to using different techniques during integrations, and how society changes and so policing must change in order to best meet the needs of the community. Almost all police work is rooted within psychology. I do believe this project will advance the frontiers of knowledge in an important way. First, not many think of policing to be so closely linked within psychology, but psychology is used in numerous aspects of criminal justice and I believe linking these aspects will help advance the future of policing. I have not had the advantage of asking an expert in the field about the value of my research.…show more content…
I will first list out all the ways criminal justice and psychology interconnect. If that list is too long, I will take some of the more important topics and use them. Then I get to researching relevant information on those topics through the Grantham online resource. I sometimes have luck with Google Scholar, but not as often. I also plan on utilizing the plethora of books I have accumulated throughout my college career. I know some of them have pertaining information within them. It will be time consuming finding it though as I don’t remember exactly what was in each one. I also use sticky tabs in my books to mark important information to find easily again. As far as analysis, again, I do not have a concrete plan. I just kind of go about reading all the information I can find on the subject and mark what is useful and work that information into my papers. This will be the first time I have this length of paper due with no information available through my textbook. It will for sure be an added challenge to find and analyses all the information for this…show more content…
She viewed it as in interesting topic and found it interesting how much they can relate back and forth together. She asked how they can go together. I explained that criminal justice and psychology can link when police interrogate a suspect. There is forensic psychology which is tasked with trying to figure out why certain types of people commit crimes, what type of person committed the crime, and how to prevent people from committing crimes. There are also people within the police department who are police psychologists. They often give advice on candidate assessment, officer risk assistant, hostage negotiations, stress management and counseling for officers. She did not express any

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