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I believe we should sleep more because sleeping refreshes our energy and makes us more aware of what's happening. Studies have shown that we will perform better in school if school started at 9 A.M. everyday. Sleeping feels so nice that when we wake up we do not want to get out of bed, and if school started at 9 people would be willing to get up instead of missing school. People will say that if you do not get enough sleep it can lead to depression and maybe even obesity. I think that is 100 percent true. I think sleeping is like plugging in your phone at night. You need to sit there and let it charge for 6-8 hours or your battery will die very quickly the next day. So when you fall asleep you should probably wake up, this is important. Sleeping soundly…show more content…
This is true because when you're asleep your body doesn't use as much energy. This so you can fight off disease easier. That is why doctors recommend that you to get an abundance of sleep for any kind of sickness you have. During sleep you can feel every emotion. I have woken myself up from fear of a nightmare I had. I woke up enraged, I was irritated with everything. I have horrible nightmares. One time I had a dream of a Native American consuming another Native Americans skin trying to take over his soul. I was woken up and I was shaky and about to vomit; it is something I can never forget. I don’t usually remember dreams, but nightmares are a different story, I can never forget them . I remember going to sleep and waking up to my dog sleeping on my chest. He would snore so loud, louder than anyone in the house and he was always waking me up with his snores. Christmas was the worst; my sisters would be awake by seven shaking the presents and screaming at me to get up so my parents would let them open the presents. I would be sleeping in until ten telling them to go away. Naps are also a good way of getting sleep, I think naps have the most logic behind them. As a kid when we would feel tired we would go to

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