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As the big orb of day dims its glow, lights coming from a structure throbbing with life are starting to illuminate Katipunan Avenue. When I first visited this new shopping center, few people were only checking the place out since it was not yet popular back then. But now, it is on top of the list of best places to go in Quezon City. It is 6 o’clock in the evening. As I walk out of the jeepney along with many passengers, leaving the jeep half-empty, a sprawling structure with its earth-toned colors is like a gingerbread house in a forest alluring people to come inside. Schoolgirls in green skirts, college students with books in one hand and bag in the other, and parents with their kids and furry friends (it is a pet-friendly mall) are having…show more content…
The walls in bright white suit the gray and ivory tiled floors. “Merkado” in green bold letters are the first thing that caught my attention. UPTC introduced this new supermarket under the partnership of Ayala Malls and Pure Gold Price Club Inc. The chain of retail stores starts from both sides of the supermarket. UPTC is a three-floored shopping center. The first floor consists of pampering places, bookstore, health centers, sports apparel, and clothing stores as well as the second floor. The stores in the third floor are mostly for technology enthusiasts, where shops for gadgets and accessories can be found. All floors are brightly lit with hundreds of light bulbs and there are still few spaces for stores that are still open for tenants. Adding to the stylish and expensive ambiance of the mall is the shoppers. Well, the majority of the population of shoppers comes from the middle or upper class of the society. Branded with the name “mall for the bourgeoisie”, prices of most stores are no joke, they have been picked carefully to offer high-quality items that are expected to meet the needs of its shoppers, and by high-quality I also mean expensive. The prices are not friendly to the masses. To name a few, the prices of the items in stores like American Eagle Outfitters, Birkenstock, Pandora, and Herschel are off the charts. Even Wellworth, the mall’s department store, items are still over-priced compared to other malls’ department stores…show more content…
There are wide-selection of cafes and restaurants with different cuisines varying from Filipino, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Mediterranean and many more. The must-try restaurants offer different dining concepts for diverse food preferences. It is also convenient for hungry customers that almost all restaurants are lined up in the outdoor area, but then again, I keep noticing people walking around looking at each restaurant’s menu and having a hard time choosing where to grab a bite. There is also a big open area located in the heart of the mall where bazaars, fairs, shows, and other events are held. After long hours in school, a study break is simply what I need and there is no better way to unwind but go to a cool place and let off steam. It is also nice to have an access to everything within my reach whether to buy school supplies, try new restaurants, or simply to be just outside the four corners of the classroom and

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