The Importance Of Technology In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Recent advancements in the field of technology have been hailed as some of the most important moments in history. From the revealing of the next iphone, to the idea of a revolutionary new way to perform an ordinary task, technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate. A rate so fast that one could argue that we as a population are captivated and obsessed. Although he did not have the shiny gadgets and pocket sized super-machines that we do today, Victor Frankenstein, the main character in Mary Shelley’s world renowned novel Frankenstein, Victor’s obsession with creating life is similar to what some of us have today with technology. This obsession ends up hurting Victor both physically and mentally and only one factor has the power to stop…show more content…
From the death of his family members to the shocks and depression from his experiences with the monster, Victor finds he can turn to the beautiful scenery nature to calm himself down and to elevate his spirits. Victor finds that the beauty of nature fascinates him and that it brings a sense of clarity and energy to his mind. In the beginning of the book, after William’s death, Victor turns towards nature to solve his problems and to spark his enthusiasm. “While I watched the storm, so beautiful yet terrific, I wandered on with a hasty step. This noble war in the sky elevated my spirits” (Shelley 50). Throughout the book, Victor is in awe of nature and uses every opportunity he can to observe and appreciate the beauty of it. Victor is so compelled by nature that it even has the power to quickly change his emotional state, even after an event as severe as William’s death. Nature is also able to elevate Victor’s spirits after his encounters with the monster. After a particularly traumatizing and intense conversation with the monster, one in which the monster fiercely demands and threatens Victor, Victor decides he is unable to continue his work out of fear for what the monster’s reaction may be. To combat these feelings of fear, Victor turns to observing nature. “But the fresh air and bright sun seldom failed to restore me to some degree of composure, and, on my return, I…show more content…
Throughout the book, the smells, touch and sights of nature seem to cleanse Victors mind and body of the problems he has. On page 43, Victor describes the physical benefits he feels from the fresh air he inhales. “We passed a fortnight in these perambulations: my health and spirits had long been restored, and they gained additional strength from the salubrious air I breathed, the natural incidents of our progress . . .” (Shelley, 43). The sensations that nature give Victor rejuvenate his body and add energy to the form that has been damaged by so many tragedies and problems. These physical benefits are crucial to Victor as they are the only way he is able to recover from his terrible illnesses that are a result of his depression. In addition to the physical components of nature the visual components also serve a rejuvenating purpose to Victor. After his experiences with the monster, Victor takes time to sit by himself and he uses nature as a way to get his mind off of his current problems. “I remained two days at Lausanne, in this painful state of mind. I contemplated the lake: the waters were placid; all around was calm, and the snowy mountains, ‘the palaces of nature,’ were not changed. By degrees the calm and heavenly scene restored me, and I continued my journey towards Geneva.” (Shelley 48-49). These peaceful and calm representations of nature seem to calm Victor’s

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