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Prosthetic hands had and yet still have a big influence in so many areas. To mention the big impact, we have to brighten up all aspects of it. The impact cannot be divided into fields, such as environmental, political, societal… because it is a very complex topic. First of all I want to go into detail about the influence for people with disabilities like no hands for example. For us it is not imaginable to live without a hand, but for those people it is such a big advantage to have a second hand. Even if the hand is only able to do certain things like picking up or holding something. These people can live a normal life much easier, all of a sudden. They feel much better, as they have more possibilities to do stuff and are not so likely to be…show more content…
Maybe the disabled family member is now able to live alone, without their help. These changes are a double-sided sword. On the one hand, the family will be relieved, because they don’t have to take so much care of them. On the other hand, the family might be very worried, is it safe to live with a prosthetic hand, especially if it is a neuro-prosthetic hand? Such a hand is controlled with the brain and the neuronal system of the body. The handicapped person might get very optimistic and try dangerous sports like parachuting or surfing and so on. So it is a very controversial topic for a…show more content…
These would enhance the soldiers with carried weapons on their hands and make them some kind of cyborg, super soldier. There are many soldiers who lose their arms in a war, these soldiers would not only be able to stay in the military service, they would be probably the most valuable soldiers which such an advanced technology. To carry a drone in the arm, or a super controller to contact the base or give coordinates for a bomb attack. Furthermore to have a lightweight weapon within the arm. Certainly the military purpose is to

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