Genetically Modified Organism Literature Review

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LITTERATURE REVIEW SOURCE 1 ‘HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/GENETICALLY_MODIFIED_ORGANISM’ Date Accessed: 27 February 2016 According to the website, genetically modified organism is any organism whose genetic structure has been altered using the techniques from the genetic engineering. They have been used extensively in the field of medical science and food production. Besides, they are being used in the scientific research field. It is also popularly known as a ‘Transgenic Organism’. The difference between the two is that GMOs are organisms whose genes have been altered but no new genes are added while; transgenic organism is an organism whose genetic structure has been changed through the addition of new genes. The first genetically modified organism was created in 1973 by Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen when they produced a bacterium. The first animal was created by Rudolf Jaenisch, in 1973, when he created a genetically…show more content…
Transfer of the construct onto the recipient tissue, such as a fertilized ovum 7. Incorporation of the gene into the recipient DNA 8. Manifestation of gene in the recipient genetic makeup 9. Passing of the gene in the future generations through reproduction EVALUATION This source is extremely reliable because FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization and it is quite popular around the world, especially in the agriculture sector. This resource is not biased as it provides clear information regarding genetically modified organisms. It provides clear and concise information regarding the production of genetically modified organisms. This source is extremely helpful for the researcher because there is excessive information regarding the genetically modified organism and the production of GMOs. SOURCE 3 ‘HTTP://HEALTHRESEARCHFUNDING.ORG/PROS-CONS-GENETICALLY-MODIFIED-FOODS/’ Date Accessed: 29 February 2016 The above stated source includes many different aspects regarding genetically modified organisms including the pros and cons of

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