Vaccines Pros And Cons Essay

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Is There Any Truth Behind Vaccines? Would you give your children a vaccine that has not ever been proven to be safe. Most people don't ever give it a second thought when maybe they should. There are many parents say that there child was perfectly fine, until they got there shotes. The parents say there child developed autism from the vaccine. After conducting some surveys many scientists say that there is no proven evidence that vaccines are safe, let alone good for you. The studies that say they are good come from the very company that makes the vaccine. Keep in mind that they aren't going to talk bad about the company that is paying them. Also the numbers of autism rates are rising in the recent years, ironically right around the time there is such a push for everyone to get vaccines. You also half to keep in mind that you can get a flu shot for one dollar, but do you have any idea what's in it or where it's from. Then when you try to get a answer from the company they try to twist the question or dodge the answer. As long as the companies are making money off vaccines don't expect them to come out and say there products are harmful to you.…show more content…
For example the chickenpox vaccine took eleven years to be licensed by the FDA. Other than a select few vaccines are in my opinion and backed by some studies are a risky thing to inject into your body. If the rate that vaccines were given out at could make a difference. Instead of giving children so many shoots right before they even start school they should just wait and slowly increase in the number of vaccines they

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