Pros And Cons Of Shared Services

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There are many shared services in the government and they all pertain to the public. A service is defined by law as any of the powers, duties, and functions exercised or performed by a local unit. Inter-local shared government is agreements with other public agencies that allow the local, state and federal governments to take advantage of the resources to accomplish mutual goals (Intergovernmental Cooperation). The shared services are good for the public because it lowers their taxes. Shared services come with the assistance of the State’s Comptroller. The State Comptroller provides the how to aspect and guidance for all services (Shared Services Among New York’s Local Governments). This is a public administration puzzle because it…show more content…
One thing is that civil service employees normally oppose shared service proposals. They are normally opposed because civil service employees or union representatives look out for their unions by wanting more full time employees so the people can get better benefits for their families and them selves. Many question the use of shared services especially in major cities because of how many parks, emergency service units, and school districts are packed into such a small area. They believe that major cities should worry for themselves and not for what others…show more content…
Some believe that if you “combine police forces there will be a reduction in their service” (Shared Services Among New York’s Local Governments). Although some believe it would lead to a decline in service others believe that if one police department starts failing there will always be the other there to help back it up. One of the most popular shared service arrangements involves the sharing of facilities. This is most important because this pertains to education and maintenance of buildings. This is so important because this directly involves the public and the life of the public. I think shared services are the way to go because in the end it helps the economy out and it helps the people of the communities. As the state Comptroller has stated “it provides local government officials the opportunity to engage each other on issues of mutual

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