Why Did Canada Become A Country Essay

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How and why did Canada become a country? Today, Canada is an independent nation separate from the United Kingdom for several different reasons. Some of the main reasons were because of geography, politics, economics, and military. A number of internal and external factors created the right conditions for Confederation to occur. The external reasons came from mostly Britain and the USA. Geographically, Canada had distinct colonies based on how people dressed, spoke, and acted, depending on which class of society they belonged to. In “Canada East” (Quebec) the majority of the people were French-speaking and Roman Catholic. In “Canada West” (Ontario) they were mainly English-speaking and Protestant with the majority being British. In the Prairies, it was a mixture of everyone but with mostly First Nations. In total there were seven British colonies, two large areas…show more content…
The french were afraid of losing their language and their way of living, and the aboriginals were tired of living on reserves. English-speaking people thought they were better than the French Canadians, they wanted laws that favoured them instead of the French. The English wanted more English-speaking immigrants to come over so that there would form a majority.The English-speaking and French-speaking people had different ideas about how things should be run. The leaders from both groups decided that joining the other colonies might help solve their own political problems. There were three political opinions on British North America’s future. Some felt that it would be better if the BNA joined the United States. At the same time the Americans believed in manifest destiny, which is all of North America belonged to them. The second group of people thought that we should continue as is (part of Britain), and the last group thought that we should all form a new country. The reasons behind this is that if they formed a country it would be easier to

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