Pros And Cons Of Child Labor

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A question that have been asked a lot is, should there be child labor? It is on of the issues nowadays. Child labor ‪is the employment of children in any work that ‪forbid‬ them from their childhood and their education. people consider that child labor is ‪inhuman and serious. Actually, it is mental, physically, socially and morally harmful and dangerous. Moreover, today’s studies show that there are still more than millions children are forced to child labor. There are three main reasons for why I think that child labor should be stopped. Their work can go from working in factories to military purposes instead of being abused and sexually insulted for the advantage of others, even though those children are working to support their families,…show more content…
In fact, less people recognize the range that the child labor happens. More that million children are forced into the fact of child labor. Of similar importance, kids are subjected to inhumane jobs that harm them; such as, picking up garbage, mining, and military work, other children are forced to work in factories while some are forced into military purposes. While some might earn a slight bit of money to support their families, and most children are subjected to the cruel actuality of less or no pay. The second reason for discontinuation child labor is that they are subjected to work in filthy conditions that can break down their health. Many children have rotten teeth from being so poor to even buy a toothbrush, Other children live in cruel conditions that are deleterious and harmful to their health. When children are subjected to work in zones as mining, the children can hardly see because of working long shifts under the sun and being in deep holes. All of the pollution and dust get into their lungs and make the children breathe hardly. In child labor, children get dirty all the time from working on mining, they don’t have ways to get clean. The third reason for discontinuation child labor is because children don’t have the chance to live like normal children they don’t have their freedom. Children that are subjected to child labor have to work at hard jobs all their time,

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