The Pros And Cons Of Child Labor

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In many places in the world, poverty is the most impactful issue on society. Families do whatever they can to make enough money to have basic needs. Many families result in having their children get a job. This is known as child labor, and is one of the most heated arguments today. Child labor is actually needed and essential for families to have their best living conditions. No matter what, poverty will not go away because the need for money is still there, and families will create loopholes to make money whichever way they can. This results in kids having an even worse childhood then they would working in the absolute worst factories. When families can just barely get by because of their children going to work, taking that away could be considered cruel. When people want to boycott and get rid of child labor, they don't realize that they are hurting…show more content…
They think that when kids are always working, it takes away from the fun of being a child. This argument holds no validity because in the US, child labor is looked at as bad, but values are different from country to country. “What childhood is and what it should consist of is a social construction to some extent. This construction highly differs between countries and across time. The firm belief that a ‘proper childhood’ does not entail any work is something specific to our time and culture. In other cultures (observed by sociologists for example in some Chinese restaurants), children are expected to work together with their parents.” (Faulmuller, Source 3). Social construct, and social norms vary from country to country, just because one country sees it as bad, it doesn’t mean that all countries think that it is bad. In other countries it is completely normal for a kid to work and have a job to help support their family. In America, school helps kids prepare for their future, in other countries working is he

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