How Did The Gold Rush California

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Esther Macias 11/23/2015 Professor Robertson Research Paper The impact the Gold Rush had on California Life will change one way or another. Whether it is in a good or bad. As we look through history we see many different impacting events that happened through life that has changed and transformed the lands that we see and live in today. One amazing impact that really changed the way the state of California is ruled and governed is the discovery of gold. This event was called the gold rush. The gold rush happened in California and it began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. This event was so impacting in the land of California that it made it flourish with riches. The gold rush impacted the way California is…show more content…
The way so many people that immigrated to California for better lives and opportunities, impacted the development of how that state would become to what it is today and how it well develop so California to become the land of opportunity. California is known today for being a rich state with many opportunities. The way people traveled in 1848 by living everything behind, made the state want to become and grow into an established and stable state with a government that can control the situation from the “gold fever” that was happening to the racial and ethnic problems. As we read through many articles and journals during this time we see how people were and what kind of things they did to establish themselves during the period of seeking gold though mining and digging the land. With so many details and information written down of all the primary

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