Problematic Question And Problematic Situation

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The main conceptions are; a problem, a problematic question and problematic situation. A problem is a Greek word, (πρόβλημα), which means a problem, task or difficulty. In modern meaning a problem is a theoretical or practical problem, which demands a solution. The essence of it is an unknown revelation of which connected with the learner’s logic and mental activities. In psychology the starting point of thinking considers to be a problematic situation; an uncertain situation which causes practical or theoretical difficulty and faces a learner to understanding and solving a certain problem (Amirjanyan, 2005). An ordinary problem and a problem are different conceptions. A problem has sub-problems, problematic questions…show more content…
If the answer of question doesn’t contain new knowledge or searching of unknown, that kind of question is not a problematic one. A question is a problematic when the learner hasn’t answer of it and which doesn’t exist in given information. The correct formulation of the question depends on a teacher; she chooses such questions the answers of which must contain new knowledge and demand a new ways of the action Problematic situation is the most important conception of PBL. It is the most intense moment for the learners, which is full of contrasts. It happens when they solve a problem, their knowledge isn’t enough for solving it; they fall into a tangled situation (that situation is accepted as a problematic situation). Problematic situation has two characters objective and subjective. When exists difficulty, it is objective one, but when that difficulty becomes hard for particular person, it is subjective. Psychologist A.Matyushkin differentiates three factors in psychological structure of problematic…show more content…
The teacher can give some hints for them to make it easier. She also can solve the problem showing her students. At first the teacher divides the class into small groups, getting round tables shape for more comfortable discussions and debates. Then teacher presents a question “How can college students balance their work, study, classes and social life?”. As because it is the first stage, the teacher can give some hints, e.g. she can write in blackboard the following ideas; communication, moderation, schedule, accepting helps (Neil Kokemuller, 2016). So with these help it is easier for students to solve the problem. In this stage teacher is working with students equally, she becomes their

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