Babel And The Babylon Lottery Essay

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The tendency to lose self-discipline comes to light when one faces the choice of a greater destiny. In The Library of Babel and The Babylon Lottery, Jorge Luis Borges employs the enthralling metaphorical usage, such as the pilgrims desire to claim their Vindications in The Library of Babel, or ones risk of a copper coin for silver minted coins in The Babylon Lottery, to imply humanity’s ignorant willingness to sacrifice and the extremity that desire holds over humanity; in this sense, Borges alludes to a common human resistance of avoiding individual thoughts and not pushing against peer pressure. A blurred line repeatedly stands amongst the boundaries between humanities craving for control and what reality encompasses. The Library of Babel…show more content…
In The Babylon Lottery the lottery in the civilization of Babylon, once noted where one could risk something with little importance in exchange for something greater, transforms into a predominant system in which demands society to succumb to the Company’s ways in order to meet the requirements of social acceptance. The lottery’s ripple effects create a society where “The Babylonians gave themselves up to the game” (66) and “Anyone who did not acquire lots were looked upon as pusillanimous, mean-spirited” (66). The formidable craving for one to desire social approval generates an entirely new society of conformists who are willing to capitulate to anyone with power over them. As The Company gains more popularity in Babylon and the lottery no longer provides a respectable outcome regardless, the now conformist people inadvertently create a thirst for the danger and risk of the lottery. With the growth of the lottery, comes a new government-like leadership. Disappointed with the situation occurring directly in the midst of them, groups of moralists make a case stating “the possession of money does not determine happiness and that other forms of fortune are perhaps more immediate” (67). Realistically, the moralist argument seems most rational and prospective. Unfortunately, the idea of power and money

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