The Pros And Cons Of Beef Consumption

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Beef consumption is offensive to Hindu sentiments just like pork consumption is to Muslims, the same way consumption of any kind of meat is against the ideals of vegans and vegetarians. In light of the recent ban on beef consumption, the major problem lies not in whether or not the law is right or wrong, but in the question whether the state can dictate the eating habits of a population that are as large as a country like India. In India, beef consumption is a sensitive issue because of religious, sentimental and political rather than dietary. Ban of sale and consumption of beef in the country has triggered many debates on vegetarianism, tolerance towards other religion’s eating habits, and much more. But the most important one is whether…show more content…
If an average number of people feel disgust toward a certain act or object, it is automatically felt compelling to condemn that act, and hence making it illegal. If such an act is committed by anyone, s/he is punished in a way so that s/he feels ashamed to have committed that crime. For instance, homosexuality in India is punishable by law under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Most support for the upholding of this law comes from religious communities who feel that homosexuality is unnatural, against our culture and against science. Homophobia is the main reason behind the existence of such a law being in place. In an already uncomfortable public space where any form of sexuality is rarely discussed openly, homosexuality is mostly a taboo subject. What is disheartening about this whole matter, is the demographics of the LGBT population in India. According to figures submitted to the Supreme Court in 2012 by the Government of India, about 2.5 million people were recorded to be gay. The figure has only increased. There may be a higher number because of individuals who are too scared to conceal their identity due to fear of discrimination. It is saddening to know that such a vast number of people are put into the same category as criminals whose acts harm the well- being of society. This criminalization is a direct result of homophobia or discomfort of a majority of people with the idea of homosexuality. This disgust is what Martha Nussbaum talks in her book “Hiding from Humanity: Disgust Shame and the Law”. We are given a strong reason to render an act illegal even if it doesn’t cause any harm to other people in the society. This mainly happens because of a society’s will to preserve itself. If not acted upon what they think of something that invokes disgust, they fear that it will breed in the society and hence the society will

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