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Article Summary Analysis “Emotions and Work” By Dr. Peggy Drexler, Huffington Post, THE BLOG 06/29/2013. In the article, “Emotion and Work,” Peggy Drexler argues how emotions at workplace are becoming more complex issues. She also illustrates throughout her research that women have an important part in expressing their emotions at work than men. The article implies in general that, it is difficult to doubt that, for women, emotions are a terrain of continual irritation or suffering unlike for men at workplace. Overall, Peggy Drexler is pointing out via her article that, no matter how and what we want to call it, there is a reason why women get too emotional at work. At the same time, she insists that, there should be a separation between…show more content…
Or adjust the rules by drawing the line between acceptable and unacceptable exhibits of emotion in the workplace. I believe it is essential to separate emotion from workplace. Because when emotion goes out of control or is not well handled, it can have a negative consequences not only on the concerned employee but also on others as well as on the business productivity. We can at least rearrange the rules with what is allowed and not allowed displays of emotion at work. Ignore this issue of emotion, can reduce workers devotions, gaiety for work. Peggy Drexler used some key information to support her argument of women are more emotional than man in the workplace. For example, like she has mentioned it in the article, “Women, studies say, cry four times more often than men. One possible reason is that they have had less social programming not to cry: boys and girls cry roughly the same amount until around age 12. Then the guy rules kicks in. On this point, I think we all get emotional, but we both manifest it differently. Women expose or display their easily in public. While men discretely hide theirs by keeping it inside

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