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Being part of a team was one of the most inspiring moments I have experienced in my life. When I was part of the tennis team during middle and high school, I made a lot of new fiends and met people who had the same interests and goals that I had. During the tennis season, all of the girls and I would bond over tennis and strive to win every match; however, we did not just talk about tennis or winning, we helped in each other with everything. For example, when I was a junior on the team, the seniors would always give me advice on what to do and what not to do during senior year and give me tips about college applications. Even though it did not mean much to me before, when I was a senior all the advice they gave me helped me more than I thought it would,…show more content…
We never thought that we only had tennis in common, each one of us understood what the other girls were going through and we always made sure to help each other in every way possible. During matches, we would always cheer for each other and encourage each other to do their best. I was often the last person to complete my match and instead of leaving before the match ended, all the girls made sure to cheer for me until the end of my match regardless of if I was winning or losing. I always appreciated that and was often encouraged to play my best and eventually win the match. Being part of a team has taught me to always encourage the people around me and help people all the time. When my friends at school needed help studying, I would help them just like I did for my teammates; it did not feel any different. During practices, when the coach was running late, another senior and I would often take the lead and start warmups. I did not need to be taught to take leadership, but this skill came to me as I was part of this

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