Prayer As Prayer Essay

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PRAYER AS EXPECTATION Prayer is a reiteration of hope, and each prayer has a lingering faith and expectation for a better future. In life, what one can change is limited while what comes as the future is unpredictable, and it may turn out to be beyond one’s control. So what one dreams of in real life is turned into a prayer. What type of prayer does one like to pray to one’s gods and goddesses? Is it like a bargain, for example, trading spices for food? Is it a prayer that offers sweets and delicacies to one’s gods and goddesses to be taken back and eaten by the very same person who offered it? Is it a prayer that emanates from the inner feelings of the heart that stood the test of conscience? Is it a prayer that offers to share a small value…show more content…
What holds the body that it is active? After death, why is the body inactive? Is there any spirit inside our body? What happens to the spirit which made the body active? Is there anything after death or before birth? Science has delayed death, but it could not discover anything beyond death. Human imagination and logical thinking lead to many theories about life after death. Since none can know anything beyond death and only god may do anything after death, great philosophers and social reformers brought some accountability in life. A good life would be rewarded by god after death in heaven or in the next birth. The instinct for survival and the unpredictability of death has led to many theories and many gods embodying the social values and encouraging the followers to imbibe the social ethos. The necessity of disposing the dead body, which may spread diseases also, leads to the framing of rules and regulations on disposing the body after death. Criminal elements also exploited the society by promising to take the dead to heaven by doing some rituals. The gullible society was warned that, if the rituals were not done, the dead one’s spirit may wander in the earth, haunting the

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