Should High School Start Later In The Morning Essay

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One of the first thoughts that pop into an average high school student’s mind once they wake up in the morning for school is their after-school nap, which will almost immediately be taken once they get home from spending the first half of their day in school. The foremost reason for these high school students waking up so tired and drowsy during the week is that most high schools start too early in the morning. reports that “over 10% of U.S. high schools currently start before 7:30 a.m., 43% start before 8 a.m., and under 15% start after 8:30 a.m.” High schools should start later in the day to make sure children get the proper and healthy amount of sleep they need and to ensure that they are able to work and learn to the…show more content…
Nevertheless, not every high school student has the same schedule and bedtime. One student, for example, might have numerous activities he or she needs to complete or participate in after school and might find themselves going to bed rather late, while another simply goes to school, eats dinner, and goes to bed rather early. The difference here is that the student who has a quite hectic everyday schedule would most likely run on an unfair, unhealthy, fewer amount of sleep than the student who has an uninvolved agenda. Another argument against later high school start times is most students and their families already have a schedule that revolves around an early school start time. Switching up the start times for high schools later in the day might put forth a major problem regarding how parents deal with their child’s before and after school care and transportation. On the contrary, if starting schools later in the day is proven to advance the health and academic performance of students, fixing a family’s schedule to accommodate these changes even if it may be a challenge should certainly be taken into consideration and altered if

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