Power In The Kite Runner

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In The Kite Runner, Amir gets a fair amount of power, even though he does not use this power in the best of ways. (PP, I, scD.) One source of his power came from being born in the rich family he is in.(I) This birthright gives him the ability to furtively frame Hassan, and because Amir is in a higher place in society than his half-brother is, he gets away with it. (I, cc D, I.) Another source of Amir’s power Hassan’s loyalty towards him. (I) Amir uses his power over Hassan to take advantage of his arduous work and devoted attitude after the plight that lands Hassan in the alleyway with Assef. (I cc phrase D.) I was hostile towards Amir at the start of the book whenever he abused his power, but my animosity faded when he went back to afghanistan

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