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When trying as hard as you can to achieve something, chances are that you most likely will and the feeling is incredible. I felt this proud and gleeful feeling after learning and practicing the viola for four years. I first started playing the viola in fifth grade at Dana Junior Middle School when I signed up for it as my elective after I had become very interested in learning to play it. This was because I had seen my older brother of two years, Alex Schedel, playing the stand up double bass when he attended Dana. He had told me about how much fun he was having learning to play it and how great Mr. Flores was as a teacher. He suggested I play the viola as my instrument because the violin was too unoriginal and I was too small for the cello…show more content…
Dwyer and had him as my teacher for the next two years just as my brother had. I also started taking private lessons from a private tutor who came to my house once a week named Mrs. Atkins. One day, during the second semester of seventh grade, Mr. Dwyer told the whole orchestra that auditions to get into the San Diego Middle School Honors Symphony were coming up. “In two weeks San Diego Honors Orchestra Auditions will take place at our school and I would love it if all of you guys tried out,” he announced. That got me very excited because my brother had been in that symphony two years in a row and I too wanted to be in it like he had. So the next private lesson I had I told Mrs. Atkins “San Diego Honors Orchestra Auditions are coming up and I would really like to try out. Can you help me practice the Audition…show more content…
“Into the honors orchestra,” he replied. Just then a huge grin spread across my face like cream cheese on a bagel. I had made it, all my hard work paying off. I was so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling the whole period. After school ended when I got into my dad's car to drive home, I told him that I had got in and he was so proud along with the rest of my family who found out later. Then came the two hour practices at the University of San Diego and the long nights I spent practicing the pieces on my own each night. Eventually the day of the concert came, May twenty-ninth. All my family members who lived in San Diego came to see me perform. I remember sitting on stage waiting for the conductor to come out and tune us. I felt so nervous I was nauseous looking out at my family in the crowd, but as the conduct walking out and we began to play I felt all the butterflies in my stomach fade away and I focused on the beautiful melody in front of me. After the concerted ended my brother told me how much he liked the pieces we played and although he would never say it out loud, I could tell he was proud of

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