Paulina Symbols

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The periodic use of symbols and objects throughout the play assist the deliverance of a message to its audience. Only the utilization of a certain number of props is possible on the stage in order to prevent the skewing of the attention from the prominence of each object and the importance of the character’s actions and intentions. The jack, the gun, the song Death and the Maiden by Schubert, the cassette recorder, and the mirrors all play an important role in conveying messages that assist the storyline. Dorfman uses the jack as a symbol for a support system between Gerardo and Paulina. The car jack physically supports the car during a desperate time of changing the tire, and the jack demonstrates the support Gerardo has for Paulina during…show more content…
The subordination of women is a common theme seen in Latin American history and is still recognizable today. After Doctor Miranda physically suppressed Paulina, encounters the breaking point. Paulina faces criticism from her husband on a daily basis, and in her isolated beach house, there seems to be little female support, except from her own mother, who she is estranged from. When the car tire goes flat in the beginning of the play, Paulina’s anger of being blamed by Gerardo is unleashed when she says, “Always got to be the wife who has to fix everything” (4). The gun is a symbol for Paulina’s mischievous plan against the suppression she once endured as an innocent prisoner. When Paulina fires the gun in response to Gerardo’s attempt to untie Roberto, this clearly illustrates the frustration she faces due to Gerardo’s constant need to overpower her choices, and the lengths to which she will go to be the one in power in the situation. The threat of the gun, rather than Paulina’s demands, is the where Roberto draws inspiration to come up with a “fake” confession of the role he played in her abduction and abuse. If Paulina did not bear arms, neither Roberto nor her husband would have listened to her commands because women did not have enough authority at this time in
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