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Peter Abelard wrote an autobiography called “The Story of My Misfortunes" which was written in the 1130s. It illustrated the story of his romance with Heloise and the uncles disprove about their relationship. In this piece of literature Peter Abelard demonstrated the context of the medieval world and his development as a Christian philosopher. He’s known as a philosopher during the Middle Ages, and a poet. Abelard was born in Le Pallet, France in the year 1079, and had three brothers and one sister which made him the oldest in the family. His parents Lucia and Berengar Abelard, his father was in the army but before that he studied letters. Due to the father’s passion for studying letters it was an important that his children took a part of his passion. They were taught how to read and write.…show more content…
A man name William of Champeaux was an influence to become a philosophical but then he question him as a philosopher. His passion of teaching and people are becoming to love him. William see Abelard as threat due to the students are start to question him and are loving the way Abelard is teaching. William are realizing that it’s a problem and needs to start to do something about it and started to judge how Abelard teaching. Abelard notice a different relationship with William and wanted to end it by going back home with his family. He went back to France, when he was deciding if he wanted to study theology since his teacher, William, would no longer be there. Peter Abelard met a young women name Heloise, who his uncle hired him to teach her and Abelard fell in love with her. Their relationship was hidden from his uncle and when he found out about their affair he was prohibit to see him but that didn’t stop from seeing each other. They both wrote letters to each other. One of the letter where Heloise wrote to Abelard about being

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