Essay On Poverty In Canada

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Canada is developing well and improving in decreasing poverty through out the country. They have supported many people in many ways, which also helped them to develop the country. Many job offers were being created which made every person earn and live a decent life. Having an economic growth was the key for Canada which helped them reduce poverty from their country. For their economical growth, Canada was specialized in Fisheries, Agriculture and other food products. What the Canadians thought was being educated and having a good job wasn’t the only way to live a good life perhaps because the poor weren’t educated, they started to create job opportunities in areas like food which didn’t require much education in fact it helped a normal human…show more content…
Canada contributes and supports immunization(a process where a person is made resistant to an infection ate disease) and malaria control. Health is Canada’s priority. Canada is very helpful and makes sure in improving health of newborns, mothers and reducing the amount of preventable deaths. Also to spread the word, in Toronto Prime minister harper announced Canada's commitment of spending $3.5 billion dollars to improve health facilities. Canada had focused a lot in strengthening the health systems. Canada is joining with other countries in health support in which they are investing well as well as helping other countries have good and proper health support. As we know Canada’s health sector has been very powerful and helped many people not only in Canada but all around the world. Canada programs contributed a lot and they are focusing on strengthening of health systems and help to prevent infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Canada targeted a budget of 780 million in 2008 to help people and their health. As we talk about HIV/AIDS, Canada committed 978.4 million to the global fund to fight aids as well as other

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