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When I first signed up for this course, at first I picked it because I needed a 400 level course to complete my degree. I saw the name and didn’t think they would have a class called positive psychology at all. All these Psychology courses that I read had very interesting names, I must say. I just thought this course was only going to focus on the good side of psychology hence the name positive. This course was way much more than that. I really enjoyed this course and can’t believe it is basically over. I plan to use this course and what I have learned by taking everything that I have read and did my assignment on and apply it to my everyday use. Every Psychology course is basically intertwined to one another so I can put certain pieces together where it matches. I can give people advice…show more content…
There is so much that I can plan and use in this course on what I learn. I can apply the techniques/methodologies/strategies/ for positive change in my own life by explaining the different aspects of the information that I learned throughout this textbook of my reading. I can learn different ideas and if things don’t go according to plan, I know other people have it worse than me, and I shouldn’t take life for granted, which I don’t. From this point on my positive psychology goals, is to become more that I can be. I know I can pass my classes if I put my mind to it and ask for help when I needed. My other positive psychology goals outside of my school career is to better myself and know my self-worth. I have come a long way before and I am going to keep on making brighter decisions and shine because I know I am a great person and nothing and no one cannot stand in my way, unless I let them. I plan to achieve my goals is to study more and complete all of my assignments and make sure I turned it in on time. I can talk to people and be a little bit more social to

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