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The Grove at Ole Miss is known nation wide for its tailgating traditions. Many tailgaters have no idea of the history that started the Grove. The serenity of the Grove on a weekday afternoon is also lost among those who only attend the Grove on home games during football season, and even some students don’t know about events that are held in the Grove. In 1889 the Grove was created when Founding Father of the Grove, chancellor Robert Burwell Fulton decided to expand the campus and add shrubbery and trees (Banahan 167). The Grove officially got its name in 1935 when it was mentioned with a picture in the universities yearbook (Banahan 168). After coach John H. Vaught won the SEC Championship in 1947, which in turn created a rising of football fans within the students. Some time after the win the tradition of…show more content…
Free concerts are among the most popular events in the Grove. Sometimes students can barely find a spot to stand or sit to listen because faculty and oxford locals are also usually in attendance. Every year there is at least one free concert in the Grove. For big away football games the Student Activity Association will set up a big screen and projector in the Grove for student to sit and watch together. These sometimes have free pizza and soft drinks. This is a great way for students to get their friend and have a watch party with free food in the best location around. The student activity association also plans a lot of events in the Grove for the freshman staying on campus. They put movies on the same projector they use for away games. They set up nighttime laser tag obstacle courses with the big blow up black oval looking things scattered throughout the Grove. They throw foam parties for the freshman so they can have a chance to get out of the dorm and mingle. Early in the morning on some Wednesdays students can participate in yoga in the

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